6 These Hair Pulling Mistakes Often Occur and hurt the skin

Many people who try to remove hairs on a number of body parts, such as hand hair, leg hair, armpit hair, and other areas. Most of them are women, this they do so that the body looks smoother.

Some of them have a routine of going to the epilation, but there are also those who do it independently. Pain or redness after removing the hair feels very disturbing, or maybe it could hurt you.

Quoted from Brightside, try to check the six mistakes that often occur when pulling hair on the body causing disruptive things.

Choose the Wrong Disappearance Method
It’s no secret that there are many ways to get rid of hair. But not all of them are suitable for each of us. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the skin’s reaction to each method used. Irritation is the main signal that we are using the wrong method to remove hair.

Keep in mind that allergies can also attack, so individuals must always check the product before using it.

Shaving while taking a hot shower
Bathing Warm water is indeed comfortable, but when bathing with hot water try not to be accompanied by activities to remove body hair.

This is because when the skin seems to be ‘steamed’ by hot water, it makes the skin vulnerable to swelling, so if accompanied by shaving the hairs, it will easily irritate or even hurt. Elimination also can not be done optimally because it will leave a lot of residual hair.

Do not Rub Skin First
Exfoliation method is a good thing to do before doing hair removal activities on the body. In addition to removing dead skin, exfoliation also helps thin the layers to the base of the hair and will be easier for hair removal activities.

Not Preparing the Skin
When doing hair removal in the body it is important for us to prepare the skin, do not let the skin dry and then shaved or revoked, this will cause irritation and even sores on the skin.

Apply a special wax lotion or coat the skin with alcoholic lotion in the place where the fur you want to get rid of.

Removing Hair Too Often
Excessive extraction, shaving, or any method that removes hair on the body will leave the skin vulnerable to injury and even irritation.

After Skin Hair Removal is not treated
The end of the hair removal procedure is no less important than the previous preparation. First, you need to moisturize your skin well.

The use of aloe vera gel or special cream after extraction to soothe the skin will be very good. In addition, it is not allowed to take a hot shower or swim in the pool for 1-2 days after revocation.

Sunbathing or using deodorants and other cosmetics during that time is also not allowed. These can all cause itching, irritation, or inflammation.

Also, do not scratch or rub the processed area as this can cause infection.